2018 - SK- owners of country

Slovakia, Germany, Czech republic, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Austria, 

entry 51 dogs
2017 - BE- owners of country

Belgium, Hungary, Czech republic France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Sweden, UK, USA 

entry 108 dogs
2016 - HU- owners of country
Hungary, Czech republic, France, Romania, Bosna Hercegovina, Russia, Germany, Slovakia, Italy, Belgium, England, RS - Slovinsko
entry 70 dogs
2015 - D - owners of country
Germany, England, Belgium, France, Czech republic, Romania, Finland, Hungary, Sweden, Slovakia, Danmark, Austria, Russia, 
entry 109 dogs
2014 F - owners of country
France, Sweden, Belgium, Serbie, Severní Irsko, Portugal, Italy, Germany, England, Netherlands, 
entry 112 dogs
2013 CZ - owners of country
Czech republic, Litva, France, Belgium, Srbsko, Russia, Litva, Romania, Poland, Finland, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, England, 
entry 138 dogs
2012 BE -  owners of country
Belgium, Sweden, Netherlands, France, Italy, Austria, Czech republic, Russia, Denmark, Germany, England, Finland, Poland
entry 137 dogs