Cherry Davies

I bought my first Smooth Fox Terrier on the way home from my honeymoon in 1968, he was a tan marked dog puppy ( no bitches  left)by Ch. Ellastone Firecrest out of a Newmaidley bitch. I had known of the breed since a child but had never been fortunate to have a dog at all..He was not a world beater but introduced me to the world of Dog Shows and more important some wonderful knowledgeable people especially Peter and Frances Winfield,.My kennel was founded on Hampole/Hermon /Burmar and Boreham lines." Mosvalley" was registered in 1973 and has been the prefix to Champions here and abroad.

I have judged here many times including Crufts and the Expo 2012 when I was honoured to be the President of the S.F.T.A. for a second term, the first being in 1993. I have judged in Europe , America and Australia.

I look forward to meeting you all and your beautiful 'Smooths'.